What is
our School?
Established in 1992, Play Pen Nursery School has stood like a rock, growing steadily but always with an eye to quality as opposed to quantity, with the child as its focal point.Along with mandatory 3 R’s, we impart exposure to the rainbow of culture that India has, creative experiences...

Welcome to PLay Pen Nursery School

Play Pen Nursery School proudly envelopes highly educated, totally dedicated, professionally trained staff who lovingly nurtures a student clientele who come from homes where education holds highest priority.

With a tradition of 19years behind it and proudly containing within its alumni list engineers , doctors, fashion designers , military service, and even….beauty queens!
We are launching this website not with a view to add to our strength an ...

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  • New Address We are moving to a new location!! Scenic, eco-friendly, idyllic,.You will love it!! We are now at: Play Pen Nursery School, " Smita", 110,Sutarwadi,Near Mahadev Mandir, Near Pashan Lake, Pune-21